A Reconciling and Altar for All Congregation

Members of Faith at the Reconciling Methodists boothOpen Hearts, Open Minds,
Open Doors.  Welcome!

Faith United Methodist Church believes that we are all children of God, created by God with our many differences, and that all are welcome at God's table. We recognize that God's love is not limited by the boundaries of age, race, ethnicity, culture, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, physical capability, or mental ability.

We believe that prejudice, hatred, or discrimination directed toward any individual or group is contrary to the life and spirit of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we shall work to eliminate prejudice and discriminatory practices within ourselves and our community, and to show grace, in Jesus' name. And we shall open our doors to same-gender and transgender couples seeking to unite in marriage and all the blessings, rights and responsibilities thereof. We will honor and celebrate the wedding of any prepared couple who seek to commit their lives to one another in marriage.

We proclaim ourselves a Reconciling Ministry and an Altar for All Congregation and welcome all who seek a relationship with God. We're glad you are here!

For more information on Reconciling Ministry and the Altar for All movement, visit Reconciling Ministries LogoMinnesota United Methodist Reconciling Congregations.

Racial Reconciling Covenant Congregation

Faith UMC is among the Methodist churches in Minnesota who have adopted the denomination's Racial Reconciling Convenant and is a participant in the Racial Reconciling Movement. As part of that covenant:

We have found to be true:
  • Racism and racial inequity is a specific problem in our society.
  • Jesus led from the edges. His ministry focused on all people, especially on people not in the power elite of societ.
  • The margins are now our centers -- those who are maginalized need to be the focus of our efforts; and yet, our congregations struggle to include marginalized people.
  • What we say we believe is not necessarily the way we live out our daily lives.
  • There is no easy answer or quick fix -- the answer is in building relationships and ongoing efforts.
  • Change takes access to resources and action-oriented education.
We want to:
  • Eliminate racism in our society; individual, cultural, institutional and systemic.
  • Break down the established social patterns of the racist value system.
  • Reduce discrimination in churches and society.
  • Condemn all overt and covert forms of intolerance, being especially sensitive to their expression in media stereotyping. We assert the right of all to freedom from legal, economic and social discrimination.
We commit to:
  • Not being daunted by the magnitude of the task, by guilt or shame, or the powerlessness of a single person; we will move forward taking intentional steps to eliminate racial inequities in our own backyards.
  • Doing what we can as a congregation and as individuals to raise awareness, speak up and take action whenever possible.
  • Assessing our progress in these commitments on a regular basis.
Our congregation will:
  • Pray, seek and work for unity at all levels of church life.
  • Conduct a racial/ethnic awareness audit.
  • Partner with a coach recommended by the Racial Reconciling Movement.
  • Together with our coach, set goals for progress in the "racial awareness continuum."
  • Engage in vital conversations in groups and worship.
  • Monitor and measure our progress by repeating the cultural audit annually.




News at Faith

We'll focus on the book by Robin DiAngelo for this year's study, and you'll have three different days/times to choose from.

Pastor Nancy collected some jokes from members of teh Faith Community to help us smile during the pandemic.

While the For the safety of our congregation and friends, Faith UMC's worship services are available online. Each week we post the video of our Sunday service and our Wednesday evening meditative service; you can find them on our Sermons page. Because of the increasing spread of Covid19, we're uncertain when we may be able to resumer in-person worship services.

Our three adult education classes are gathering via Zoom meetings on Sunday mornings.

Resources are available for everything from technology questions to food needs to assistance with isolation and depression. Just reach out and ask.

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