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Wednesday evening services are available online

Faith UMC's Wednesday evening services feature a casual, contemporary style of worship in song, poetry, scripture, and silent and spoken prayer. More information on the Wednesday service is available here. The services will remain online for the time being.

For Sunday worship, we expect to wait several months before we have regular indoor, in-person services. In the meantime, Faith UMC continues to provide its services via online video because of the Covid19 virus and the difficult logistics involved with the much greater number of members who normally attend on Sundays. To access the videos of our Sunday morning  services, click on the Worship tab in the navigation bar, and then click on the Sermons link.

We've formed a task force to look at how and when the church may be safely reopened for in-person Sunday services, and the task force took a survey of the congregation recently. The survey showed that 68 percent of the respondents considered themselves to be at high risk from Covid19 and 65 percent are age 65 or older. From those results, the task force concluded that the church needs to be deliberative in that decision, as the survey indicated that overall the congregation does not feel ready for that to happen soon.

We will occasionally have services in the church parking lot, with people remaining in their cars during the worship. It's a great way to at least see and say hi to our fellow members.

 Parking lot service on August 3