Frequently Asked Questions

Sunday ServiceWe’d love to have you visit Faith United Methodist Church and get to know our Faith family. Here are the answers to some questions that visitors to our church frequently ask.
Q. What time are your services?
A. During the fall, winter and spring, our worship service is at 10:30 a.m. From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, we switch to a summer schedule with our worship service at 9:30 a.m. We also have a contemplative worship service at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays except during the summer.
Q. How can I find your church?
A. We’re one block west of Silver Lake Road along 33rd Avenue NE in St. Anthony. If you’re coming from St. Anthony, New Brighton or Roseville, the easiest route is to get on Silver Lake Road and turn west at 33rd Ave. If you’re coming from Columbia Heights or northeast Minneapolis, get on Stinson Blvd. and turn east at 33rd Ave. Here a map showing our location.
Q. What type of worship service is it?
A. We call it a blended service, combining elements of traditional and contemporary worship. For example, our choir and the Faith Praise Band provide music most Sundays. Additional groups - Faith Praise Singers, the Centennial Bell Choir, small musical groups - as well as mixed media add to the blended nature of our worship services. The services tend to vary from Sunday to Sunday. We generally have Communion on the first Sunday of the month.
Q. I’m not a Methodist – can I take part in Communion at your church?
A. You need not be a member of Faith or of the United Methodist Church to receive Communion – all are welcome at Christ’s table.
Q. Do I have to dress up for church?
A. Some people come in suits; some people wear jeans and a t-shirt. Wear what’s comfortable for you.
Q. How will I get to meet people?
A. When you enter the church, mention to one of our greeters that you’re new to the church and would like to meet some members. The greeter will introduce you to some of the people in the church, and they can introduce you to others. Let them know if you would like to be introduced during the service itself. If you wish, first-time visitors can fill out a card and place it in the offering plate, and a member will follow up with a phone call or visit.
Q. We’ve got young children – do you have a nursery?
 A. Because of Covid19 and the lack of vaccine for children, our nursery has not yet reopened.
Q. I use a wheelchair – is your church accessible?
 A. An elevator makes all levels of the church fully accessible. We also have several parking places close to the church entrance that are designated for handicapped parking.
Q. How can I meet your ministers?
 A. After the service, the Rev. Jeff Ozanne and/or Rev. Nancy Ellis, along with others who led the service, will greet members and friends as they leave the worship center. Feel free to say hi and say that you’re a visitor.
Q. If I start attending Faith, do I need to become a member?
A. We’d love to have you become a member, but you are always welcome as a friend whether or not you join the church.
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