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Sent 101517
Bishop Bruce Ough

Mutual Burdens Bear  100817
Guest Pastor - Rev. Bruce Robbins

Intentional Faith Development  100117

Passionate Worship  092417

Radical Hospitality  091717

River of Life  091017

Celebration of Eco Kids Camp - No Sermon  090317

Defiance  082717

Reconciliation: God's Work, Our Work  082017

Canaan, 1898 BC: Fake News!  081317

Face-to-Face With God  080617

Das Suchen  073017

Saint and Sinner  072317
Guest Pastor - Rev. Robert M. Kopp
           Bemidji UMC

Annual Conference Highlights - No Sermon  071617
Heard from attendees to the 2017 conference

Gracious Hospitality  070917

Velkommen  070217

I am, you are  062517

Holy Pilgrims recount their experiences - No Sermon  061817

The Love Connection  061117

Light Through the Holy Spirit  060417


Previous Sermon series

Finding Unity  052817

Music Sunday - No Sermon 052117

Light Through Preaching  051417

Light Through Community  050717

Celebrating our 125th anniversay with current
and former clergy answering the question:
How was the light of Christ visible to you in this congregation?    043017

On the Road to Damascus  042317

Light at the Tomb - Easter Sunday 041617

Palm/Passion Sunday - No Sermon 040917

Light in Bethany  040217

Light in Jerusalem on the Sabbath Day  032617

Light in Samaria  031917

Light in Jerusalem in the Dark  031217

 Choir Lenten Cantata - "Colors of Grace".  No sermon  030517


News at Faith

Faith UMC will engage in discussions this fall and winter on whether the church should become an “Altar for All” congregation and sanction same-sex marriages. A vote is planned for early 2018.

We want to remember your loved ones on all Saints Day.

Registrations for Faith UMC's antiracism study dialogue circle are CLOSED!

The circle will meet every Saturday morning from September 9 through November 11.

Volunteers from Faith UMC will serve the meal on Sunday, November, at the Simpson Shelter for the homeless in south Minneapolis.

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