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Faith UMC continues to commemorate its 125th anniversary

We continue celebrating our 125th anniversary as a church through the end of 2017!

Our congregation began as Second Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church of Minneapolis in 1892. In 1913 the church was renamed Ebenezer. In 1955, the congregation moved to St. Anthony Village. The name was changed to Faith in 1956, and the first service was held in our new building in 1957. We have a lot to celebrate!

An unanticipated part of our anniversary year is the welcoming of Korean United Methodist Church of New Brighton into our building. That congregation has sold its building and is in search of a new building to call home. While the church is looking, its members are sharing our building. They worship at 12:30 p.m. each Sunday. We happily welcome our sisters and brothers in Christ!

Our concluding anniversary celebrations will be December 10, with a cradle-rocking ceremony, and December 17, with cake and fellowship.

Cradle-rocking is a church tradition that began in medieval Germany and then spread to other parts of Europe, including Sweden. Immigrants brought this tradition with them to America.

Cradle-rocking is a part of the worship service when we focus on a cradle that will be set up in the sanctuary. During Advent, of course, our thoughts go to the infant Jesus. Parents and grandparents are invited to bring their babies/grandbabies forward to be individually rocked in the cradle while hymns are softly sung. Cradle-rocking is a way of expressing our joy over the gift of new life among us. Please invite the babies in your life to be part of this meaningful celebration in our church.