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Another successful Eco-Kids Camp

We had a great week at Eco-Kids Camp this year! Twenty-three children in Grades 3-6 learned about trees—they counted tree rings and considered what tree rings can tell us about the life of the tree, learned to measure the height of a tree and did some experiments that relate to how water travels up the trunk to the leaves.

They learned how to make fire with a magnifying glass and with flint and steel (and they roasted marshmallows). They made wooden napkin holders and tree art. They listened to poetry, told stories, and wrote poems crafted entirely from questions. They tended baby cottonwood seedlings along the Mississippi River, caught and examined insects in the prairie, built forts in the woods, and made clay tiles with textures from plants.

 We talked about the first rule of camp—“love is spoken here.” And we did our best to practice being loving to one another. We were not perfect! One parent said they were “impressed how welcoming, present, and loving the volunteers/staff were individually and as a community.” Another parent said his children “learned about trees, but just as importantly they progressed in human relationships.” These are amazing testimonies to the work we are doing and the relationships we are building in our community!