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Summer worship for our kids

We have been delighted to have the kids joining us for worship each Sunday this year. During the summer, we hope that you will continue to bring your children to worship.

We will be creating a “prayground” near the front of the sanctuary where the children have been sitting with their teachers at the beginning of worship. We envision this as a place where children can draw, read, play, and pray and where parents can sit nearby. Other congregations have found this works well (see

We will also have three special services (on the second Sunday of each month) that will include hands-on experiences as part of worship – Kids Connect for everyone!

June 11: The story of creation – what is a Mobius strip? Come and find out!
July 9: The story of Isaac & Rebecca.
August 13: The story of Joseph and his amazing coat.

If you are interested in helping to create our “prayground” space, or if your child would like to decorate and present the theme of the day on one of these special Sundays, please contact Rev. Susan Mullin.