Covenant Discipleship Group

The term “Methodist” was originally a pejorative term used to make fun of the early followers of John Wesley. They were called Methodists because these young people were very intentional, disciplined, and even methodical about living the Christian life; including personal devotion, participation in worship, and serving others through acts of compassion and justice.

A Covenant Discipleship Group is a group of up to seven people who meet for one hour each week. Guided by a covenant they themselves write, they help one another become more dependable disciples of Jesus Christ. This is not a study group – it is a group devoted to the art and practice of living out our baptismal covenant to live as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

 As we meet together each week, we tell each other how we have succeeded in living up to our covenant, and also the ways we struggled or failed to live up to our covenant. We support one another by extending grace and forgiveness, and we also encourage one another to be the people that God would have us be.

If you are interested in learning more about Covenant Discipleship Groups or would like to join a group, please talk to Rev. Susan Mullin or send her an email at smullin[at] The group meets in the Conference Room at the church; date and time are to be decided by the group.

News at Faith

Faith UMC will have a Thanksgiving Eve meal at Northeast UMC at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov ember 22, followed by a worship service at Faith UMC at 7 p.m.

The Korean United Methodist Church, formerly of New Brighton, will be meeting at the Faith UMC building for the next several months. It has sold its former building and will move its worship services and other activities to Faith UMC while it is looking for a new building to make its home.

Faith UMC will engage in discussions this fall and winter on whether the church should become an “Altar for All” congregation and sanction same-sex marriages. A vote is planned for early 2018.

Rev. Diane Christianson will lead another group to the Holy Land in January 2018. If you didn't make this year's trip, maybe this next trip is the time for you to go!

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